Storytelling for the Modern World

Please join us for another evening of great Storytelling!

Friday December 14th  7:00 to 9:00 pm

at the Centre for Peace

1825 W 16th Ave, Vancouver, just West of Burrard Street.

Our Theme for the evening:  Winter Tales

Our Tellers:  Nan Gregory, Patricia Smith and Beth Hutchinson

A storytelling circle will follow. Everyone is welcome to tell a very short story, maximum 5 minutes in length.

 * You are invited to put in a request to tell one of the longer stories. Circle stories do not require advance notice.

Then Tea and Treats.   Bring some to share if you wish

Admission:  $7.00

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2 thoughts on “ Storytelling for the Modern World

    1. Hi Allison:
      Nice to hear from you. I (Larry Matier still living in St. Albert, Alberta) am doing the mailing and website.
      Beth Hutchinson, Priscilla, Philomena, Jennifer and Marjorie are running the program and doing all of the real work.
      Kind regards: Larry


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